Franciscan Family of Greensboro

Members of the Franciscan Family of Greensboro (FFG) are involved in a variety of ministries within the Fraternity and also in the Greater Greensboro area.

Ministries within the Fraternity are:

Fraternity Council – Minister, Vice-Minister, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the members for a term of three years.

Director of Formation – Coordinates the formation of those seeking the Secular Franciscan life and the on-going formation of the already professed members under the leadership of the Fraternity Council.

Team Leaders – Coordinate members of their team at our monthly gatherings in accomplishing the responsibilities of the Liturgy Ministers at Mass, and preparation and cleanup associated with our lunch meal.

Peace and Joy – A member sends ‘birthday’ and ‘get well’ wishes to the brothers and sisters in the Fraternity.

Food Pantry – This member coordinates the gathering of non-perishable food items to be distributed to the Rockingham County Food Bank.

Family Fund – Two members serve to gather and distribute emergency funds to other members who are temporarily in financial need.

Prayer Requests – One member has the task of receiving, coordinating and sending by email prayer requests from members.

This website  created and maintained by a member serves the larger community in providing information about the Secular Franciscan Order and the Franciscan Family of Greensboro.  It also serves the members of the FFG by having in-house information that members can use on a regular basis.

Ministries being served outside the Fraternity:

St. Francis Springs Prayer Center – located in Stoneville, NC, offers a quiet, prayerful, and sacred environment for individual retreats and groups wishing to spend time away from the fast-paced world in which we live.  FFG members serve as volunteers at SFSPC in the bookstore, kitchen, housekeeping and in maintenance.

Pathways, City of Greensboro – is a housing program whose purpose is to provide homeless families with a safe, temporary environment to live while they are searching for other housing.  FFG members provide a healthy and wholesome dinner once a month for all the residents and give a Christmas party every year complete Santa Claus who brings  gifts for children and adults alike.


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